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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Upload #136 - elevations

I have been alerted: Taking [Theodor] Nöldeke’s chronology as a rough heuristic, there are just two uses of the š-r-k root in the 48 surahs of his first Meccan period. One of these happens to be sura 52, which in v.43 exclaims the "subhana'llah" against that.

So this evening I've gone over "Defending Jesus" and "Musallûn" about the 43:83 / 70:42 parallel to other parts of sura 52. (Since posting the former, those two essays needed to be crosslinked to one another anyway.) I took the hardest look at "Musallûn" (on sura 70). It is my opinion, now, that sura 52 is a sermon upon sura 6's recommendation to leave alone those who blather on about touchy subjects, that is those who reject the Qur'an. Because they're going to the hell fire. (Like that's news.)

So, Nöldeke misplaced sura 52 relative to sura 6. And if sura 6 is not "Meccan" then neither can its successor be.

In other news I've also added Lewis's observations on Arabic courtly idiom to "Solomon's Revenge"; I'd hinted as much earlier this week. Since this wasn't as big a deal, I'd waited until I'd collected some real essay-changes before declaring "upload!" on that.


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