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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Upload #135 - a ready defence

I have posted "Defending Jesus", my explication of sura 43. Now we know 19 > 21 > 23 > 43. This completes the last of the loose ends of "Salopy"'s aftermath to sura 19.

Also added a bit to "Plots against the Qurra'", for 43 > 16. Incidentally I've known of the 16 / 23 parallels for some time already, as in since 17 April 2002 by my records (and there's a mention of that in "The Ararat Tax"). That's two weeks into the start of this blog. At the time I thought there was a preQur'anic text behind both; maybe a Syriac hymn (I'd heard of Luxenberg, but didn't know anything). Given the above chain, we can now say that sura 16 must have known sura 23; this removes any need to conjecture such a preQur'anic text.

Another reason I have retained so few of those old HTML pages since my hegira out of the sbcglobal server. Pretty much everything I pondered about the Qur'an up to mid-2003 proved wrong.


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