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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Axanar Act

I've stumbled upon Star Trek fan-fiction lately, done in the medium of film.

I've noticed that the owners of intellectual property tend to look the other way when their fans do work in their field for free, or at least for payment only by the immediate people filming it. So Star Wars got Troops and Duality; in the days before Youtube, I downloaded and watched these compulsively (and now those two are the only ones I remember). I didn't get as far into alt-Trek (I've only seen one film, the first episode of ST:Continues - I thought it ranks as an average original-series ep). Trek also has Of Gods and Men, which seems to be good, and "Renegades" which I'm told isn't.

Now there's Axanar. Axanar has crossed the line. It's looking like one of the better ones, and some real money's been sunk in it. Except for it being a total ripoff of the Star Trek property.

My personal feeling is that Star Trek belongs to Gene Roddenberry, and that man died in 1991. I accept the moral right to inheritance from copyright, but I do not believe this should last forever. (I blame the Disney corporation, always have.) Ryk E Spoor has brought up the magic number 28 years; so, let's say, October 2019 to be the month when anybody can release whatever Trek films they want, for money.

I know, I know; that still wouldn't be legal. But it seems to me to be eminently fair. Congress should pass a law, rather should un-pass the crappy laws Disney bribed into the federal code. Then Axanar can be legal. Later.

In the meantime, Paramount are in the right to call in the lawyers - sorry to say. But I'm personally fine with waiting three and a half more years. They'd have to wait longer at Alpha Centauri.

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