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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Superfluous to society

Queen's University vice-chancellor Patrick Johnston, Belfast: society doesn't need a 21-year-old that's a sixth century historian. Instead, it needs a 21-year-old who really understands how to analyse things, understands the tenets of leadership and contributing to society, who is a thinker and someone who has the potential to help society drive forward. Johnston now wants to put his own statement in the past. Okay, fine. But first:

Every now and then I have to remind people that my official university training had nothing to do with Islam, but culminated in the reign of Justinian I. (Admittedly, I was 23 when I walked that stage.) As far as me "really understanding how to analyse things", Dr Michael Maas's classroom helped a lot. Now if we're discussing to what extent I am superfluous to "society", that's between me and "society".

We do have a counter from the Pirennians, that the seventh century matters more. Perhaps. But there is no such animal as a "seventh century historian", at least not in the West.

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