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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Islam abandoned the revival metaphor

Lewis at p. 15 brings another example, besides the nautical metaphor, of how Islamic culture has abandoned Qur'anic idiom: the notion of revival. The Qur'an has it; Muslims don't.

The Qur'an is full of revival imagery. Allah is He who causeth to live and to die, and to live again on the yawm al-ba'ath. The death and rebirth of crops through the seasons are but "signs" of this Platonic fact. The suras get this from Ezekiel 37. Christians and Jews are capable of using this text both as a metaphor for the revival of a fallen nation (its original intent) and for the fate of humanity on the Last Day. Christians use terms like "renaissance" for rebirth; and when they use "resurrection" (lit. rise again), they think of the Church's term for revival.

Muslims apparently insist on not citing revival in vain, at least not since the Dome of the Rock. When Muslims discuss the restoration of a lost state, they go for metaphors like the Sahawat - the Awakening. Entities like the "Baath Party" are modern aberrations. For Muslims, revival verses belong on tombstones. Perhaps this has something to do with the great calamity of the Prophet's death.

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