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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Caught in the open

If George Martin is reading Vox Day then he's just received some pointers in how to run the Battle Of The Bastards in his upcoming books. (Or, Neil Gaiman has...)

According to those who know military tactics, or even run a D&D game, last Sunday's episode only works if you assume that Jon Snow has learnt nothing from his headstrong teenage years, and that Ramsay Bolton can't be arsed to post a watch. You also have to assume that nobody (except maybe Littlefinger) knows what to do with cavalry.

If you boost Bolton's IQ just that little bit, he sets that watch and sees the new cavalry foe riding toward him. Assuming Bolton doesn't immediately turn tail, the decisive clash would then be a set of cavalry skirmishes from a distance at which point, the first army to lose too many horsies is left out in the open with a vulnerable supply-train. Either way Bolton still does have to lose, for plot reasons, but he's more at home in the North right now; so he'll make a slow tactical withdrawal back to Winterfell - or to the Dreadfort, whichever.

It is even possible that Martin already had envisaged this. HBO's screenwriters scrunched it into one big stupid noisy battle because screenwriters.

Either way, as far as the storyline goes Jon Snow is pretty damn weak. The Watch should have burned his body.

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