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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

An unserious people

CC Ladeuceur quotes Catherine Clark Kroeger, translating Chrysostom (d. 407 AD) (pdf):

Those excited at the sight of a horse race can tell with complete accuracy the names and herd and pedigree and birthplace and rearing of the horses, also their age and racing ability, and which horses, if matched against which, will seize the victory, and what horse from what starting-gate, and having which driver will win the race, and will pass up his rival. Theater-buffs demonstrate a no less rabid enthusiasm - but rather more - over individuals who conduct themselves disgracefully on the stage (I speak of mimes and dancing girls). They catalogue their ancestry and birth place and training and all the rest.

But when we are asked how many and which were the epistles of Paul, we do not even know how to tell the number...

A century after Chrysostom's death, his town suffered the Nike Riots. And some decades later the chariot-hooligans from the Green team put Phokas in charge.

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