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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A warning to terrorists

Let this morning's Latin motto be inscribed high upon this blog: C A V E A T. With that, let us discuss Thomas Mair.

I am not here to mourn his target, the treasonous MP Jo Cox; as so many government and media outlets are making a show thereof this week, including ostensible "conservatives" and "patriots". I also concede that Cox did deserve a public punishment, although I personally would not have recommended the punishment she got. (Cox had many enablers on her path.) But her punishment - let us say, a day in the stocks - should have been delivered by the legal authorities of the United Kingdom.

The whole point of Tianming is that one is selected for rule when one is worthy. If you're playing Judge Dredd on your own time, that's not you.

As to what we as private subjects do in the meantime, in the many cases where the Crown punish the righteous and promote the traitor: each such case should be set before the public as an injustice. And then we should move on to other cases. That is all a subject of the Crown can do, and therefore all he should do.

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