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Sunday, May 22, 2016

William Bennett doesn't know what he's talking about

The Barnes & Noble had William Bennett's book Tried By Fire, on Christianity's first millennium. I checked its claims against the stuff I've studied, mainly over the first century(ish) of Islam. The book didn't impress me. (A lot of these potted histories don't.)

Bennett counts al-Walid II's persecution of Metropolitan Peter of Damascus (a Confessor) as a Muslim crime against Christians, where that jack-Muslim caliph likely cared much more about Peter's broadsides against Manichaeans. He takes Luxenberg's raisins at face value because of course he does. The 'Abbasids took over from the Umayyads because the latter "died out"; never mind what al-Saffah "the bloody" did to speed up matters (bro, do you even Mas'udi?). He even thinks that Methodius of Patara wrote (predicted!) that famous apocalypse ascribed to him - were I his grader I'd have failed his essay for that, alone.

By Gell-Mann Amnesia, I have to assume Bennett doesn't know much about the rest of Christianity's history either.

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