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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Who is Ekaterina Jung?

Someone whose name is almost but not exactly "Cathy Young" is on the hot seat.

"Young" got onto my attention when she said some stuff about "the alt-right" to which group I am tangentially involved. Sandifer had tried this before, against the neo-reactionaries, to which group I'm a good deal more involved; which critique I mostly appreciated, if only because we need the exercise. But where I thought Sandifer left some gaping lacunae in the facts he marshalled, I hadn't noticed the same about "Young". If anything I thought she'd raised a good point or two here and there (UPDATE 5:45 PM - like on Latvians). Since I didn't have an argument at the time, and since it's not even (much) my argument, I held off on commenting. I wanted to see what would happen.

Since then Ms Jung has been losing friends all over the place, starting with Milo (Vox Day/Populi backup in case it's deleted again). Earlier Vox Day had called Jung out as anti-American, which shoe fits exactly for certain of her arguments.

Now the formidable Candace Owens thinks she knows this girl: That girl, growing up that never seemed to fit in with any group, and never could quite understand why not. That girl that would weave in and out of different social circles and cliques, never lasting long before latching on to another. By design, the girl with so many alternating faces, always unsure of which one to try on next. Given that Ekaterina Jung doesn't trust her own name, I think Owens is right.

I used to be in Ms Jung's position, although admittedly I'm ahead of her in figuring out what I'm good at and what I like doing (I was in my late thirties when I figured it out; she's in her fifties and still hasn't). So I think I can offer her some advice here: she needs to start with dispassion. I recommend she take some time off the Internet to learn (again) how to read and review essays without taking sides.

Jung can start with Nicolas Wade. She can't skate by with I see persuasive arguments on both sides. The alt-right won that argument. Or maybe not. Either way, that's on her.

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