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Monday, May 30, 2016

Upload #134 - peace to you

Suyuti reminded me of stuff I'd read, a decade back, on sura 16: that 'Umar quoted v. 90 in his sermons in lieu of cursing the 'Alids. I'd forgotten this when posting "Plots against the Qurra'". 'Umar quoted sura 39 as well: "Interceding with God". I done fixt both.

In the meantime I've found a 16>29 link, so - "Against Jihad". The 39 > 16 > 29 chain is looking a lot like it belongs to the same general faction, which was not sura 21's faction.

Also added an actual isnad to Q. 38:26 use in "The Book of Nathan" - also, thanks to Suyuti. That sura 69-based joke I banged my head against this weekend is now in "Blasting the Sultan". Suyuti mentioned a para-prophet Dhu'l-Thudayya: "Civilising the Last Prophet".


UPDATE 6/1 - this thread inspired some more fixes to "Blasting".

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