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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Upload #132 - striving hard in the verses

I looked at the chart again and wondered about the 22/34 links. I vaguely remember last year musing on 34>22. But then I had decisively put 41>34. House of War as you see below goes 13, 14, 22, 41, 25. I can hardly say 22, 41 there and 41, 22 here...

So I had to revisit "The Qur'anic Culture of Sura 22". I found many places to improve its central argument, which was 5>22... well, 5:1-108 > 22. Hooray! But the one 22/34 link I found there was weak. I took that out, thought it over some more, and strengthened the link. But I now think 22>34 works better. So, off that link went to the sura 34 project, "What Waits Beside These Roads". It's still a tentative, dotted-line affair but that's all I can find for now.

"Musallun" has been tweaked in the meantime, since I've read sura 51 now, which I hadn't done (properly) last year. "Muhkam of the Wasiya" has a more-nuanced take on Q. 6:57, thanks to Sadeghi's corrective. "Against Jihad" has some little tweakages too.


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