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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Upload #130 - flooding the zone

Last weekend I had admitted I didn't know much about sura 71. It wasn't for lack of trying: last 7 November, by my records (obviously not noted on this blog), I had tried rather hard. I was going to argue that the sura merged suras 7's and 11's Noah with their Hud. But my links were weak, the argument got chaotic, and I didn't figure out why the sura had bothered. So I set the project aside.

Lately I have read Michael Lecker's excellent article about the statue "Wadd". He looked into Wadd in history and found it to be a Kalbite totem, where sura 71's other gods were Yemeni. But then I remembered, hey, the Kalb got retroactively assigned to Yemen too! Add the anti-Yazid hints in that sura and...

So here is "Overwhelming the Yemen". I have made other improvements elsewhere: "Qudsi", "Ararat Tax", "Iconoclast", and "Women".


UPDATE 5/15: The bits of this "Yemen" project which deal in 11/71 are now in their own section. The links are still not as strong as I'd like, but that's how it goes when we only have 28 verses to work with.

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