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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Throne of Glass is down

Recent developments, including the sura 61 retraction and the newly-introduced page-offset (both) in The Arabs, have rendered Throne of Glass (mildly) obsolete. So I have taken that book off the shelf next. An improved version is on its way.

Throne has been a slow seller, and has still gone unreviewed; which is perhaps a blessing, considering the overreach in its first rollout's last chapter. So I consider safe to make these fixes.

For those (few) who have one of last year's three "second" editions: I do not expect many retractions in this - let's call it the third - edition. The sura 61 references will be expunged of course. But I plan nothing like the first of the two revisions last year (nor like the deletion of 61>26 from "The Satans' Qur'an" in The Arabs). This edition is just going to be better: more information in places, transferral of some SQUIRREL!s now in separate projects here.

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