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Friday, May 13, 2016

This is what a sura-bundle looks like

I bin linkt, so I've tidied up the Segovia Noah review. You'll notice I also added this chart:

That's an expansion of the chart from House of War's conclusion. That book didn't get into suras 34 and 71 (nor 61).

As for my reasoning behind the chart... well, that's why I wrote so many essays, which - when they sift through 'oo quoted 'oo - I'll be first to admit are boring as h@ll. But someone had to do it. And no-one else was doing it right. (They still aren't...)

If my posts on this blog are getting attention (less boring, but also less well-thought-out); then it should help at least for what I've been saying about suras 7, 11, and 26 if I gave the background. When I say "Muh Prophetic Cycle" that's the chart I have in mind. Open your Koran to those three suras (especially) and you'll see.

The solid lines are those I'm staking my reputation on, such as it is. The dotted lines were tentative in 2012 and remain so.

Another point: I have lined up suras 13, 14, and - now - 71 because I (still) suspect they were composed at almost exactly the same time. Sura 13 was Syrian; sura 14 was Meccan. Sura 71 was I-don't-know; maybe Mawsili because, well, Noah (this is probably before actual Mosul was built). Anyway they weren't in communication and that's why they don't quote from one another.

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