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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Smug CU professors can't see any bias here, nossir

Here's the conservative Newsweek found to explain to us why there are so few cons in academe: Jordan Boyd-Graber, just down the road. I am not here to argue with him. I'm here to decategorise him.

Jordan Boyd-Graber agrees with his left-wing peers on education, equal rights, immigration reform, how Trump is a buffoon. With Feingold (he says "McCain") on restricting campaign-finance to unions and the government, and on jailing D'Souza. With Obama (he says "Romney") on state-managed medical care (it was developed by the Heritage Foundation! - his exclamation-point). With pretty much everyone on the need for the state to drive the consensus on Global Warming, because to ask serious questions is pursuing witch hunts against climate scientists. And with the Christian-haters on John McCain's Running Mate Not To Be Named (what, saying "Sarah Palin" three times will suddenly make her materialise?).

Boyd-Graber pretends that most important to him is "intellectual consistency" against which the Repubs are "anti-science" (these are actually flipsides of the same thing). Honestly here he is just congratulating himself.

Boyd-Graber, the man of the hyphenated pretentious oh-so-feminist name, is not a conservative; he wasn't raised as one, and he's not one now. The most contrarianism he can gin up is to support genetically-modified food and nuclear power - and 'tis telling that here, he stakes out a position such that Leftists are not progressive enough. He is CU's village durak and really should quit posing as otherwise to the media.

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