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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Rabbit hole

Candace Owens: we can read the Washington Post, or we can read Harry Potter. The latter is guaranteed to be more entertaining.

Click that link above and read the article twice. This article is easier to follow than some other articles in this series - partly because Candace Owens herself has been dealing with these lies so long she is getting experienced in how to explain it, partly because the anti-#gamergate journos are getting just that sloppy.

Owens has at least one WaPo reporter Caitlin Dewey dead to rights on lying, and on admitting to lying. David Malitz, Dewey's boss, has covered for his underlings' conduct. Yeah Malitz yanked the lie that Dewey was cooking up. But no he's not going to keep that lie under wraps forever; it's going to resurface, possibly in the fifth paragraph of a tendentious "news" piece, and corrected - if at all - behind the fold in a much later edition.

#GamerGate was right: the failure of ethics in mainstream journalism is a national scandal. The journos got theirs, and #gamergate and Owens don't. If anyone objects, the journos will squeal "harassment!", will go crybully. It was all clear from the start but the man-haters and the weak-willed wouldn't hear it.

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