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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Public piety doesn't win wars

I'm watching Mary Beard. I have to pause to say something.

Some bronze ship battering-rams have been brought up off the Med seabed from the First Punic War. The Roman ones say stuff like "Lucius Quintus in charge of quality at Ostia has approved this ram". The Carthaginian ram says "o lord Baal bless this ram to make holes in the enemies' ships".

I suggested that Carthage already had that "inshallah" mindset - "maybe if we prayed *loud* enough...". Then commenter 'iforgot' reminded us not to get cocky:

And 1000 years from now, archaeologists will be digging through the rubble of our battles. The enemy fuselages will say "This part has no flaws." The American fuselages will say "This craft runs on sustainable fuel and has a nursing station."

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