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Friday, May 13, 2016

Mirror monster

Via ace's sidebar, Money Monster isn't very good. Quelle surprise. In this film Jodie Foster directs George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The end result is foreordained; Allah himself couldn't decree any good from that dross. But that's not what I'm here to discuss. I'm more interested in this: Maybe it was all of us who were to blame. Maybe it wasn’t high-frequency trading, or even this one corrupt guy. Maybe it was materialism. And… the media. Another form of the grammatical passive-aggressive voice; they say "we" when they mean "you right-wing greedy / racist bastards".

I got the same waft of smug from Mary Beard in an otherwise excellent "Rome" documentary. She was talking about how Hadrian down at the villa liked to keep his slaves in the basement, scurrying around service-tunnels so's they weren't seen. I had a bad feeling about this and sure enough - Beard mused about how invisible "our" own underclass was to "us".

As she jets around the Mediterranean taking extended selfies from Seville to western Turkey, she makes so very clear how much she cares.

And then I remembered what a commenter at ace's reminded us: Beard was among those who told Americans they deserved 9/11. Beard didn't say the same about her fellow Brits after 7/7. Better to insult others from across an ocean. Better to tilt one's head for the poor from a BBC expense-account.

Whilst Donald Trump is drawing up lists of people not to allow into the United States, he shouldn't start with Muslims. Someone who just happens to have an Arabic name poses less of a risk to us than someone who we already know would, in the cabin, sympathise with an ongoing hijacking and mass murder. Trump should start with all academics with comments like Beard's on their public record. Yeah, I know; "academic freedom" - like Leftists ever offer us any. Beard can attend conferences by Skype.

Not sure I really want anyone on the BBC payroll over here, come to that. Lock up the children.

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