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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Meteor swarms 3.4 billion years ago

Areologists have found a tsunami on Mars. I found this from FOX - the anti-science network.

"Areology" is a word, and really should be A Thing as well. Lots of research is being done on the Red Planet. And it might have some relevance to our local "geology" ("gaealogy" might be better Greek) - as we'll find here.

It seems a meteor hit the Martian northern ocean (its own basin being previously carved out by another meteor) 3.4 billion years ago. This pushed 400 foot high ripples over that basin's coastline. Tsunamis.

Meanwhile here on Earth, around the same time another meteor whacked Earth. Unlike Mars, Earth has plate-tectonics so the site of the strike has moved about since then. The ruin of that meteor is currently on the continent Australia.

Wonder if they were shards from the same near-earth asteroid?

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