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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Liberals pretend they don't like prisons

Remember Ray Liotta's inadvertent comedy, No Escape? I think it was supposed to be a parable about Marcionite Christianity: the lords of the heavens are evil, the Earth is their prison; but the Messiah (Liotta) has come with power sufficient to break the prison and to bring the wrath of the true gods upon the demiurge. But hey.

One thing I remember from this movie (apart from the head devil, Marek, who was hilariously hammy) is how they ticked the boxes on early-1990s "liberal" pieties: here is a war like Vietnam in the Near East; there is a Smurf Village run for everyone's commonweal. Oh and the prisons were Big Business, as the opening screen tells us... except that we don't spend much time in the actual prison and we spend NO time with the business side of things. We spend our time in "Absolom", that private island which the jailers own. So, since the movie didn't talk about its own opening screen, let's talk about that here.

I have very little patience with so-called "liberals" who claim they hate private prisons. (I am not here talking about civil libertarians, like Radley Balko. Those guys are fine.) "Liberals" like regulations, which means they like to penalise those who transgress them, which means they're going to be detaining non-"liberals". Which means prisons.

I know what "liberals" think of people like me. Look how they treated Dinesh D'Souza. "Liberals" don't like people like him very much. They'll like me a whole lot less. So they're not going to worry much about how poorly I'm treated if (probably when) they cook up some "felony" I've committed. Look at all the lulz the "liberal" Kevin Smith chuckled about prison-rape in Mallrats and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. They're also not going to care much if the bullies running that (presumably) governmental facility are skimming a little off the top. Hey, they have to deal with racists and cons; they deserve it.

If you're a civil-libertarian, then fine. But don't, please, complain about private prison companies if you are a Hillary-voting "liberal". Spare us at least that much.

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