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Saturday, April 23, 2016

When the Shi'ites still cared about the Qur'an's text

Before I lose my French-comprehension skills again I'm catching up on Guillaume Dye. In Hérésies (Université de Bruxelles, 2015), 55-104 he summarises some recent French scholarship on Shi'ite claims of tahrîf, that we Anglos might have missed:

The subject has been extensively studied by Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, eg Le Coran silencieux et le Coran parlant, op. cit., and more recently in "Al-Šayḫ al-Mufīd (m. 413/1022) et la question de la falsification du Coran" in D. de Smet and A. Amir-Moezzi (Ed.), Controverses sur les écritures canoniques de l’islam, (Paris: Cerf, 2014), 199-229. See also, in the same volume, 231-268, D. de Smet, "Le Coran: son origine, sa nature et sa falsification. Positions ismaéliennes controversées". On the modern and contemporary periods, cf. R. Brunner, "La question de la falsification du Coran dans l’exégèse chiite duodécimaine", Arabica 52.1 (2005), 1-42.

Le Coran silencieux has been translated, at Amazon (I'd await the paperback though). A summary, at

Brunner can be read also at

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