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Monday, April 04, 2016

The ruin of a church

Michael Bachner at the Jewish Press reports from Gush Etzion. h/t Jihadwatch.

From the article:

The place ceased to serve as a church after the early Muslim conquest. “We found evidence suggesting that they shattered many of the church items, contrary to what some believe about the ‘enlightened’ Muslim conquest,” Shkolnik noted. The place also saw some activity in the ninth century...

So, sometime between 630 AD and 800 AD, this church fell apart; and we are not told what went on here during the 800s AD. Also I am not reading how long after the early conquest this church was abandoned. I'm not even sure how closely the desecration was linked to the abandonment although, here, I suspect Shkolnik is right on that much.

We do have evidence for a violent Saracen hatred of the Cross, and (from Jacob/James the Edessene bishop) for Marwani-era Arab mujahidun in Syria maltreating churches.

But I'm throwing a flag, that we cannot assume the initial conquerors had done it.

During the last half of the eighth century, the secondary conquerors of Syria - ‘Abbasids - enacted a wideranging persecution against all sects remotely supportive of the Umayyads. The Samaritan Chronicle remembers this. Also the Christian chronicle from Zuqnin. The first invaders weren’t angels by any means, but they barely compare to the apocalyptic fury of the ‘Abbasid revolution.

So I’d need the original excavators to present their findings to peer review.

UPDATE 4/5: Michael wonders if it might have been Persians. (More likely - under Iranian protection - Nestorians, hardline anti-Monothelete Catholics, and/or/most-likely Jews.) I feel a bit silly not thinking of this first.

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