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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Arabs and Their Qur'an: in review

I didn't change The Arabs and Their Qur'an in very many parts, since last winter; so I am keeping its versioning to a "fifth" edition. It is 5.4, for those keeping score. (Hey! Rajaz!)

Information from that Khalifa bin Khayyat translation has pushed a few of those earlier "historical vignettes" to a point another page got added; which then forced a second, blank page, to get the section-headers onto the odd number again. So some of the page-refs thither in House of War and Throne of Glass are going to be wrong. But not wrong by a lot.

Since an error in "The Satans' Quran" had forced the issue, I went over that essay hardest. Mainly I have added Thomas Bauer, "The Relevance of Early Arabic Poetry"'s take on that Irfan Shahid / Sura 26 affair. (Since the essay has been available at the CU library since 2011, this was an oversight on my part 2012-16.) I am still on Team Shahid though. Also I think that Bauer could have been more temperate generally; those comments against Christoph Luxenberg put me off.

For those who've already bought this, fixing the error in "The Satans' Quran" - namely the last part's musing that sura 26 cited sura 61 - should suffice for your needs, and again, I apologise. For those who haven't bought this, the edition should be available sometime this weekend.

UPDATE 4/23: Book's back online.

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