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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Postmortem on Tim Neville's 2016 run

I was at the district and state conventions / assemblies last weekend. The delegates all chosen, partly with my help, are pledged to Ted Cruz. But that wasn't the real news.

The real news is that the Colorado assembly of selected activists overwhelmingly chose Darryl Glenn. Glenn's speech was brilliant - the refrain "but wait, there's more" was a sales-tactic, used to full effect. Tim Neville left everyone cold all around. I'm going to suggest here why that is.

I didn't think Neville's speech was as bad as they say. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't great. He'd floated the outline of it to our district on Friday: pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, pro-zzz. On that day he was outshone by another candidate, one Peg Littleton, who was running against Common Core. Neville learnt from that and added education to his platform. Littleton meanwhile helped herself to Neville's platform. But now she couldn't differentiate herself as well against Neville, so she pushed her own Christianity more. So Neville did at least torpedo Littleton, which was, assuming no upsets, the wisest tactic.

(For disclosure: in this race, I did choose Littleton. I still need to deal with Neville but, in the meantime, Glenn could strike voters here as an Alan Keyes - good in speeches, unprepared in interviews, unable to make the sale among the state's white voters. Also Glenn didn't speak to our district assembly, which annoyed me personally. Glenn must have made the gamble that it was best to introduce himself all at once and to take the floor by surprise.)

Neville included support for a hardcore Life Begins At Contraception platform. Association with stuff like that, which would never pass an Amendment convention ("Article Five"), is exactly how Republicans routinely lose the single fertile female vote here in Colorado. (Gardner won 2014 anyway because Udall made opposition to this his platform exclusively, leaving men and infertile / married women with nothing to vote for.) If you have to appeal to pro-lifers, which Republicans do, then you should strike at Roe v Wade and call it a matter of Constitutional principle.

Neville also trumpeted his support by the "national association for gun rights", which isn't Gun Owners of America and isn't the NRA. I got this obnoxious flyer among the junk:

As you see, the flyer seems more about boosting the profile of that unfortunately-acronymed NAGR than about supporting its candidate, or even about gun rights. Gun activists consider NAGR a scam and it does smell like one to me as well (why didn't you just go with GOA, Tim?). On the "plus" side a Mr Neville elsewhere got onto the Cruz delegation slate, which was GOA-supported... Patrick Neville... [UPDATE 4/11 - Dudley Brown, who runs NAGR, was on that Cruz slate too and is now off to Cleveland.]

As for the flyer's targets, negging these particular men doesn't pose a problem as such. Frazier always smelled wrong to me and I'll write more of Natividad later today; I assume the flyer is right about Graham too. I'm more disgusted by the cheap trick of using unflattering pics of Hillary to rile up the base. This tactic is an insult to my intelligence and character; I didn't like it in Texas, and I don't like it here.

Neville's campaign overall was all so much "hurr durr libruls murrka", and I am happy to be spared from more of it this year.

[PS: yeah, I took the picture over Q. 9:5-7. That was an accident. Usually I use that passage as a wineglass coaster here. It's also good for catching the grease from a pork burrito. Neville flyers rate somewhere in between: not as good as a decent Shiraz, better than the surat al-tawba.]

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