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Saturday, April 02, 2016

PJMedia has bad editors

Some guy blogs the Qur'an, gets published.

Jeff Sanders has committed at least two laughably bad errors that I noticed at first scan. For one, he thinks when the Qur'an says "rasul" which translators render "apostle", that this refers to Christ's apostles and so ANACHRONISM GOTCHA! (No; it means anyone sent out with a Divine message, which assuredly includes Moses. Maybe Sanders, who needs these things drawn out for him, should start with the cartoon, Prince of Egypt.) For another, he says the Qur'anic Prophets were, like Jesus and Mary, sinless and not in need of metanoia. How far into the Qur'an do you need to go before you run into Jonah? Sura 21 is around the halfway mark in my text. Whole books have been written on these topics. Here's just one of them.

One expects such sloppiness from a loser on his own blog (yo!) or from a random troll on the comment-boards. So I don't blame Sanders, much, for posting without a clue. It's not like I've always got everything right on this blog.

It's PJ Media who should know better. Their whole reason to exist is to mock professional journalists for sneering at the plebes for "blogging in their PJs". So here they are publishing for the world... some ignoramus, blogging in his PJs.

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