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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Natividad at ground zero

Jerry Natividad's basic pitch was that he didn't like Donald Trump. He also ran against "lawyers, bankers, and career politicians" as an "outsider".

As far as that goes, fine. The floor voted the Cruz slate too. I voted the Cruz slate.

But what Natividad didn't understand is that it's possible that Trump might end up the nominee anyway. Now you've got to defend yourself all through the general campaign for running in the same party. On Election Day, Trump's supporters stay home. And pro-Coloradan voters, worried about a Senator at war with the Executive for the next four years, stay home too. In addition this position was an apparent flip-flop over his prior promise to support the nominee whoever it was.

The anti-banker comment left me frigid; what's wrong with banking as such - lending out capital for business? (((Would brackets help?))) Anyway that big-money complaint was rich, coming from him. The Natividad campaign made a large impression before the shindig by flooding the streets with placards on the way in. Someone clearly had thrown a LOT of singles.

As Tim Neville handily pointed out, whether or not Natividad is a potential Hillary! ally, he categorically is an Obama ally. Natividad supported advancing Merrick Garland.

Also the man was too good to speak to our district, but apparently that doesn't matter here.

The floor nuked his candidacy, leaving it 3.5% for a fourth place finish.

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