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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Continuing prophecy, versus alcohol

Once Islam had accepted the suras 4 and 5, alcohol was no longer tolerated among the Arab elite. The same is true for Mormonism after the hierarchy codified the Word Of Wisdom. Both were also religions of continuing-prophecy: when the leader proclaimed a new revelation from God, everyone added it to the canon. I think these phenomena may be connected.

Alcohol has renowned qualities as a truth serum. A new revelation, meanwhile, entails a change to the canon; to "what we saw our fathers worshipping". Since religion is by nature unfalsifiable, the leader has to convince his followers to swallow this new load of bullsh!t.

Yeah, he can use force. But people resent and resist force. Worse, they could laugh at the leader; demonstrate that the leader's claims are absurd. What's a despot to do when his own troops are failing to hide wide grins?

Compare, if you will, a congregation a large proportion of which is a couple sheets to the wind at the time of the sermon, to a congregation that is all stone sober. Which congregation will laugh first?

The less sober the crowd, the lower its tolerance for laughable crap from its leaders. Mormonism had a lot of swill to sell to its dupes. I reckon the same pattern holds for Islam in its first century.

And that is why these religions decided to ban the consumption of alcohol.

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