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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boy, the Denver Post sure is CONCERNed

Matthew Drudge's butt is vicariously hurt from the glorious and yuge order of whoop-ass we Coloradans delivered to his Daddy, so he's linking to a lot of Trump tweets. Fine. I get it. But who knew that the Denver Post was so pro-Trump? that it cared for anything Republican?

Here's a headline on how angry the Donald is. We're told that the GOP here put the election of national delegates in the hands of party insiders and activists. Party hacks like... me, who did this dark art of politics called "showing up to the publicly-announced events". Which I'd never done in my life before. (And I was fighting mainly Rubio supporters 'til I got to the District level on Friday - not Trumpers. For chrissake as of Friday I still was part-Trumper; I split that ballot.)

Drudge is also linking to a February editorial from late last February. (Yo Matt: is my calendar broken or is it the middle of April now?) There's lots of CONCERN there too.

Trump needs to figure out why he's been alienating Republicans; Drudge needs to suck it up; and the Denver Post just needs to die.

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