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Friday, April 15, 2016

Blake's 7 - wuzzat?

GNXP directs us his readers to the passing of Blake. Blake's 7 was before my time... outside of my time.

Yes, I am English - mostly. But no, I didn't get into a lot of English pop-culture, until I was thirteen years old; up to then I'd attended my land of birth only intermittently, for family-visitation. Some bits I'd read up on, in advance: the Pet Shop Boys, U2, "Adrian Mole", Douglas Adams. Some bits I had to learn when I was there: the Smiths, Flanders-and-Swann, Tom Sharpe, Terry Pratchett. (I was happy to learn it. Those bits of it.) In the field of comics I was too young on my trips there to catch "2000 AD" - which meant those "mekon" references sailed over my head during that longer-lasting 1987-92 "homecoming". I had read "Beano" (and, er, "Jackie") and later on I got into "Viz".

And then there was the stuff I've only heard about in the last year or so - this last year. Musically, that'd be The Sound - nobody still listened to that band in Shrewsbury (and good goddamned riddance). As for what was on telly, as of late 1987 nobody was still talking about Blake's 7.

What I see on the Blake's 7 Wiki page is that the Terran Federation are the bad guys. This looks to me like an unsubtle swipe at America by way of Star Trek as proxy.

My "homecoming" was not-fun enough - and this was amongst mainly larval Tories, nominally allied with Reagan. I'm glad my classmates hadn't remembered Blake's 7. Nor The Sound.

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