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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blacklist, according to Ruqayya Khan

Ruqayya Khan considered harmful.

In an earlier edition of that post, I was mulling the idea of treating her references as a blacklist, as a catalogue of false scholarship and cowardly universities. I'd backed out that paragraph... but now, having re-read her piece, I figure I was right first time (and besides, she's already on one). This rant belongs in its own post anyway.

The Journal of the American Academy of Religion which published this work is not serious about impartial scholarship. Trinity University and Claremont Graduate University by allowing her to teach have failed their undergraduates.

UPDATE 1/6/2017: the JAAR are making up for not editing Khan by allowing a rebuttal - by none other than Aisha Geissinger, whom Khan cites on the topic of Zuhri's use of hadith. An earlier version of this "blacklist" had complained about the topic of that thesis... but since then I'd actually used her thesis, in that Zuhri hadith. So, my fault, for getting Triggered.

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