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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Upload #126 - busy bee

I've scattered footnotes to sura 16 for a long while now, almost always to say why it doesn't matter. It's time sura 16 had a project of its own. I had issues with that sura because the thing is pretty long, and more boring than usual. I was happy when I found a 39 > 16 link... basically because then I knew I'd not have to worry about sura 16 when I was doing House of War (especially).

I have a rough idea now what sura 16 is for. There are a LOT of 39 > 16 links; several are noted in the margin of the Shi'a Qur'an I got here. So, sura 16 handles a controversy about sura 39. 21 > 16 links exist too, which seem to have exercised the Muslims more.

New project: "Plots against the QurrĂ¢'". Also affected: "Islamic Ethics" (sura 35) and - more so - "Interceding with God" (39). And I tweaked "Against Jihad" (29) a bit.


UPDATE 3/25: Sura 16>35, in "Ethics". Woot!

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