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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tunisia: the next Poland

Readers of "The Bloodlands" will recall what independent Poland was like in the late 1930s. "Hey look at all this scary Nazism over here in Germany... LET'S KILL OUR JEWS FIRST BEFORE THE GERMANS INVADE HERE TO DO IT FOR US"

In Tunisia's case, it seems to be, oh dear, ISIS in Libya, so let's get to praising the hizb allah [triggerwarning for Manar link] and to jailing some queers.

The Tunisian politicians know that their own population, deep down, wants ISIS. Well not ISIS itself, run as it is by a Mesopotamian; and maybe not even Libyan-ISIS like what we saw on 13 Hours. But Tunisians want that heroism; they want that sense of destiny. And if they have to get it from Libya, they'll not resist it too hard.

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