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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Safiya was raped

The Arab Prophet Muhammad married many wives, at least one of which he had taken by force. Jihadwatch has led me to I.S. Islam, a series by a Middle-Easterner who looks to me like an ex-Sunni. He directs me to a "record" that Safiyya admitted that (once upon a time) she had hated Muhammad; because the Prophet had murdered her father and husband.

I think that's from Raymond Ibrahim; Mr Ibrahim appears to be citing Ibn Hibban, himself citing an Umarid chain (Hammad b. Salama < Ubayd Allah < Nafi < Ibn Umar). Here's Islamport; you might want to flip to the next page for the specifics.

A defender of the Prophet "Salah Cin" rebutted I.S. Islam with, among other ahadith, this:

(Ibn Sa'd, Tabaqat, vol. 8, p.101): Zayd ibn Aslam said, "When the Prophet was so sick and on the verge of death his wives gathered around him. Safiyyah bint Huyayyay said, 'O Messenger of Allah, by Allah, I would like to be in your place.' Hearing her utterance, the Prophet's wives winked at her. The Prophet saw them and said, 'Rinse your mouths.' They said, 'For what, Messenger of Allah?' He said, 'For your winking at her, by Allah, she is telling the truth.'"

Aisha Bewley had translated this in The Women of Madina at page 91, differently, but with the same gist. Salah Cin's translation is accurate-enough, for purpose. I have more interest in the transmission.

Ibn Sa'd's source here Zayd bin Aslam was a third generation tabi'. Where is Zayd's source? His tradition assumes, exactly, an early Islamic debate over whether Safiya did in fact love Muhammad.

We see other related forgeries in Ibn Sa'd, so. There's that.

Interestingly Bayhaqi knew a sequel to Bukhari's hadith: Muhammad apologised to Safiya for what he had done. (I see this in Ibn Hibban as well, unless my always-doubtful Arabic is totally failing me.) Zayd bin Aslam, I have to conclude, had lost the argument with the muhaddithun and so had Ibn Sa'd.

Safiya hated Muhammad for what he had done, and never consented to what he would do, and never carried a child of his to term. Thus as of the 130s / 750s, the muhaddithun had two lines of argument: Muhammad apologised at Safiya's marriagebed, or else Safiya apologised at Muhammad's deathbed. Or both. Either way, the jurists couldn't allow the Prophet's followers to follow that "excellent-example". It had to be watered down.

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