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Monday, March 14, 2016

Paparazzae are not journalists

I had held back on l'affaire Fields until last night. It seemed by then that something was off about her. This afternoon I took some time to watch the offending video. (I didn't want to do it, any of it, because personal gossip is prole - but meh.)

I see Trump ending the scheduled Question Time and exiting the room. I then see a paparazza rushing at Trump. Then I see - well, not much, because some dude is blocking the camera in this flowing crowd. But I can conjecture, based on my (admittedly-faded) knowledge of the human female skeletal frame, and from looking at a man's arm going up, and from no other body parts mentioned by Fields, and from physics - that someone's arm has halted Fields from rushing further. Fields's face then assumes the bemused "wtf" face and she stops; no-one else notices, so everyone carries on, including - a split second later - Fields.

Fields' beta-orbiter then went online to discuss this, er, assault. Now Fields says her arm was manhandled. I'll concede that.

(Although I doubt that it was the lower arm, where Fields is flaunting those bruises. Elbow or upper-arm is more likely. Mid-upper-arm is closer the centre of mass; but then, a politically-savvy bouncer is going to prefer the elbow, for the least legally-actionable damage. These are all split-second decisions of course.)

I'll say this much: paparazzi are not journalists and they don't magically become journalists by being paparazzae (Vox Day can de-Latinise and pro-Italianise my use of this feminine-plural, if he wants to, I don't care). When you chase after a Story when the interview is done, you're now in the crowd with the rest of the plebs. You're just another sucker in the moshpit; just another risk. You get pushed back there like I got pushed back by the goons at the Beastie Boys concert, like the girls got pushed back.

UPDATE 11 PM: Ace from the HQ (sidebar) seems dead set on throwing Donald Trump into prison as an accessory to assault. Here's the evidence. Ace insinuates that slowing this thing was propaganda on the Trumpists' part. No, Ace; it wasn't. It was slowed so that viewers could see what was done and when and how and where. In full speed it still looks like a legitimate bounce of an aggressive paparazza.

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