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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Neocameralism and your small town

Philip Sandifer (yeah, I know) offers a critique of Moldbug. Let's offer some of that background which he didn't.

Free white men built the cities in Michigan, of which one was Flint. After the Civil War and Reconstruction destroyed that other part of America, which enslaved black men had built, that part of America now had an excess population of the latter (I speak purely economically here, thus far). Many of those freedmen then moved north. During the 1950s and 1960s, the descendents of those blacks conducted a low-level insurgency against the (white) majority of Michigan's cities (it was called "crime" at the time). Flint, newly conquered by a (by now, demonstrably) savage nation, then failed to pay its own bills. So the state sent in an Emergency Manager.

Sandifer sees this man as a colonial master, for a foreign nation. He contrasts him, further, with Moldbug's ideal monarch who respects the cities he rules; the Emergency Manager showed no such love for Flint.

I would go further still: I present Michigan's misrule of Flint as evidence that the state's white population still resents the non-Michiganders who had bodily thrown so many of them out of cities their grandfathers had built and their fathers had tried to maintain. Although I am not here to judge... exactly.

But before my colleagues in the Alt-Right sneer, just desserts to the invaders; keep in mind this is what our overlords also have in mind for your small town full of losers.

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