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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lost white tribes

So, there's a book out: Michael F. Robinson, The Lost White Tribe.

The title is ironic. Robinson hasn't found such a tribe. Instead he explores the old European obsessions behind Polaris and The Venus of Azombeii... and some of the new obsessions.

I do hope this new book doesn't become a smug anti-white virtue signal. There really are white tribes - these have been left behind in the ebb from our modern age. All their ancestors needed was some men far from home with women about, and a set of functioning penises among the former. If it can happen now it could certainly have happened then (I keep saying this). Which means, if a tribe like the Lemba didn't exist, we should want to know why it didn't.

By the way, the Liberian example demonstrates a modern lost black tribe in Africa... like Clark Ashton Smith's subsaharan tribe up the Gold Coast. This reminds me of Wesley Muhammad's Ọyọ: Nubians, from back when they had a civilisation, migrating into west Africa, where they have never had a civilisation. As so often, Smith seems to have been more wise in the way of the world than was Lovecraft.

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