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Monday, March 07, 2016

Herculean Samson

Matt Drudge (who seems to appreciate that sort of thing nttiatwwt) is gushing over Mohammad Baraka.

The original Samson hated Gaza, and hated the Philistines in general. But then, the original Samson also wasn't interested - at the time - in Israel, either. By the time I'd visited Israel (1993) it was generally accepted there that Samson's tribe, Dan, started as among the Sea Peoples and was cousin to the Philistines. Israel adopted Dan.

When that first nation of Israel was staking its claim, it found a group of Sea-People adventurers ruling over Laysha at "Tel Dan". The Danites told stories. Those stories ended up in "The Book of Judges".

If Gaza wants to claim Samson now, then hey, why not. It's not like Israel's claim is much stronger.

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