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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Europe has always been hostile to Mischlings

Yesterday I cited this as evidence for “Africans” in Eurasia with stray Neander.

That was an error on my part. The geneticists find three introgressions: first, Neander(thal)+Yemeni immediately on leaving Africa; second - perhaps concurrently - Neander+Eurasian again, and Denisovan / proto-Melanesia presumably further southeast; third - Neander+Asian on the Denisovan hybrids' heels. This is in accord with prior research and we'll have to consider it canon now. No significant population survives from a European-region mating of Neander and modern-human.

That hybrid in Europe I'd linked would certainly count... but his issue is negligible among modern Europeans (or Asians). Perhaps he belonged to a tribe that died out. Some European tribes did that. Especially if they looked "off" to the other tribes.

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