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Friday, March 25, 2016

Dark thoughts

Ace sidebars Five Factors Working Against Trump Winning Delegate Majority and then writes -

Here's another factor: Some of us are just physically repulsed by this evil pile of shit shaped into the form of an orange clown, and will support any means, including straight-up changing the rules to steal the election, to deny him the nomination.

The attack on Heidi Cruz was the last straw for me. No one with honor can support such an operatically honorless pile of garbage and shit stacked into a human-sized pile.

Never met the lady. Know nothing about her. But blackmailing a rival's wife? Publicly?

There's a type of person who looks up to mafiosa. Many times these wannabe tough guys, being weak themselves, ape the swagger of the mafiosi. Not to give mafiosi credit (I hate them), but actual mafiosi try at least to project the idea of honor.

But their swaggering, weakling imitators don't bother with this. They just see the juvenile markers of "toughness" -- being rotten, being sociopathic. And these wannabes wind up acting more thuggishly than actual made thugs. That there are some people trying to spin this as just being "tough" and "strong" says a lot about the decayed state of actual masculinity in this country.

Donald Trump obviously admires his image of what a mafiosa is or should be. Note: This bizarre fixation of having people call him "Mr. Trump" at all times. Rather like "Don" in Italian. A show of rispetto.

Confession: Ace might be right, probably is right. Ace is the best judge of character I know online and - like Dr Crone (pbuh) said of the Zahari school vis-à-vis the other Sunnis - brilliant when faced with a school of thought with which he disagrees. Especially where said school lies close to his own.

Another confession: I don't see an alternative this year.

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