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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Upload #125 - roads and bridges

Those books I just bought and reviewed continue to bear fruit; white fruit and black fruit...

Wurtzel's dissertation on Khalifa's ta'rikh has helped track some primaries for "Caesarea". More so it has led to a sure distinction between al-Hind and, southeast of that, al-Sind. We can assume that the Arabs, too, had taken note of that shibboleth between the Iranian aryans and the Sanskrit aryans... so: "Frontier", "Jesus's Army".

As for the ongoing seep-out from Farrin's toxic pile of dishonesty, this much did at least lead me back to taking the sura-joins and dovetails seriously... in the noncanonical codices. You may have seen some of that already in Throne of Glass, but now I can offer more. 14+38 has buttressed "The Book of Nathan", 34+38 "Solomon's Revenge", 13+40 "Reformer from Pharaoh's Family", and 14+35 "Islamic Ethics". Again: do not read Farrin for any of that, because he won't tell you. Read Arthur Jeffery or at least read Ibn Warraq. (Trigger-warning on these particular projects, because these are - still - dry slogs through textual analysis.)

And I've posted a new one: "Civilising the Last Prophet". This argues that other prophets were vying for the Believers' attention; and it proposes suras 12, 25, and 48 as the Islamic Establishment's means to suppress them. Again, I'm pointing to Abd al-Malik...

Last week I ran across Ella Landau-Tasseron's 1997 classic on the 'Absi prophet Khalid bin Sinan. My old sura 12 project "Retrieval" had sported an appendix, that I was never all that satisfied with, but which did put the sura's canonicity to doubt, so I figured that doubt was worth raising there. "Retrieval" ended up in that sura 12 appendix to last year's edition of Throne of Glass - its own appendix became a wheel within a wheel. Landau-Tasseron has opened the way to a more intrinsic controversy around sura 12. And should I do another edition of Throne, I will be able better to focus its sura 12 appendix.

In "Civilising"'s course I am helpfully correcting some of Ian David Morris's errors (and Hoyland's; Palmer, their ultimate source, might not count, because being that literal wasn't his job). One such buglet concerns whether the Maronite Chronicle had "muhammad" or "mahmet". No spoilers! But, maybe one small hint.


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