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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Upload #124 - David's returning

"The Book of Nathan" once lived alongside "By the Age and the Misfortunes of Time" on my old site. The latter got cleaned up and joined The Arabs and Their Qur'an. The former was more of a flight of fancy: what if Q. 38:26 was not at first part of sura 38? But it couldn't last. When in 2011 SBCGlobal dropped its website platform, that essay fell away with the others.

That first part of sura 38 has been a subtext in Throne of Glass. Earlier the book had incorporated what was, and is now, my 2011 essay "Solomon's Revenge" that had spun off from the much-older "Nathan". You see, Q. 38:26 has outside attestation through the early 80s / 700s - Ibn al-Ash'ath makes no sense without it. But the rest of the sura went unmentioned then; if 38:26 was cited with any other verse such verses were from sura 4. Last year you'll remember I gave up on sura 38's bulk and ratcheted back Throne's final chapter. (And then I learnt more about sura 12, etc. etc.)

Over the past four weeks I've been re-reading Noeldeke, and bashing through Casanova's complementary-notes. This offered a new angle on the complex construction of sura 38, which I think is like that of sura 19: a composition around a pre-existent slogan. So I have overhauled "The Book of Nathan" and restored it; and I have redone "Solomon's Revenge".

Noeldeke has also aided (mostly negatively) to clarifications to "Ararat", "Arabic", and "Spenders": he says munafiq is a "Qur'anic word", with which I agree, but I disagree that it is "Ethiopic". "Reformer", "Basmala", and "Addition" have got some fixes too.


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