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Friday, February 26, 2016

The long game

I have more mail:

Please join us in one of the many states that will be voting soon. You can still make a difference and share in the excitement of volunteering with other members of the Cruz Crew and enjoy the fellowship that so inspired over 1300 of you fellow patriots.


Go on Facebook to read the shared stories – it has been a truly remarkable story of this campaign.

Uggh. Ted Cruz, it has been almost five months hence; you should know that ZuckerBook is the tool of Satan by now.

As for the rest, the mail concerns volunteering at other states, up to 15 March. Utah, Arizona, and Kansas are those which lie within my striking-distance. By chance they seem to hold in microcosm the "type" of state that holds elsewhere: Utah is Bible-belt-ish (like Tennessee), Arizona is Southwest (like Colorado, at least the Republicans here), Kansas is Union-border (like Pennsylvania). So I hunted down the polls for each.

Cruz is strongest in Utah; he takes such places, or he's gone. In Kansas Trump is running away with the nomination, so far, but I will say that if Rubio falls down on Tuesday then the state can be competitive for Cruz. In Arizona Trump is ahead again... and Rubio is ahead of Cruz too. But if Trump falls down then Arizona becomes competitive.

I have to concentrate on Colorado and on Super Tuesday first.

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