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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Ace writes on his right sidebar. (No link because, sidebar isn't linkable. I link to his page itself over on mine own right sidebar.) I've set these in order as paragraphs.

Twitter Puts Ignorant Robspierress Anita Sarkeesian in Charge of Banning, And Golly Gee Whiz, Within Ten Days Non-Abusive, Anti-Feminist Writer Stacy McCain is Banned "Safety" includes "safety from seeing political claims you might disagree with"

If you are a rightwinger on Twitter, you are getting less out of your social media experience than the leftwinger users get. By explicit design, you will now be discriminated against and secretly muted without your knowledge. There's no point in retaining membership.

Ace then links how to GFTO of Twitter.

I get this "shadowban" feeling from Google as well. Every now and then I've run some idle searches on stuff I've written about. For some years now, it's been rare that shows up first. If my blog appears at all it shows on maybe page three of the results as It could be that I've never been all that good at this. And there are advantages to flying under the SJW radar. Still - it is known that Google shuns Confederate-flag stuff. Searching just for "Milo" won't net Yiannopoulos for the first page. On and on it goes.

And there've been lots of searches lately where my only results have turned up mainstream-media narrative, SJWs blogs, and amateurish Tea Party circlejerks. Google is worst at pulling articles from 15ish and more years ago when various notes made then have returned to modern consciousness. Example: Islamists in America seen celebrating 9/11. Example: Marco Rubio doin' the foam parties in mid 1990s Miami (in his book), and what those foam parties were (not so much). You'll get modern claims that those articles exist; you won't get the articles, nor the sites where those articles were screencapped and now redisplayed. I can still find them, if I go on a massive linkclick hunt. Like I did in 1997.

Google won't be evil but it sure as hell will be unethical. Just like Twitter.

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