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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Microsoft's man in Denver

Chris Wallace, head of the Denver Visual User Group, signals: Every student must have the opportunity to learn computer science @codeorg #CSforAll #DVSUG

Here's his motto (my bold): Denver Visual Studio User Group leader, C# http://ASP.NET software guy, Microsoft MVP, private pilot, member AOPA. No Pointless Babble!

I have to conclude that Wallace did intend a point in that "#csforall" he splurted on Twitter. I mean, beyond "I'm a good person who's diverse". I can't figure out what that point is, though.

Maybe if Microsoft's MVPs showed some fellow-feeling with American citizens, instead of dividing us with insinuations that somehow we're denying other Americans this opportunity. Maybe if Microsoft itself was more willing to work to get American citizens access to jobs, so learning CompSci was actually, you know, worth the effort.

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