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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Marco Rubio sure is clean and articulate

Anonymous Conservative wonders what they got on him.

If Rubio wasn't an establishment politician, I'd ignore all this as a horrible slander. Especially since the pictures aren't good and are being posted at a sketchy site.

Except... here's Business Insider in 2013 (before it sold out):

Also, from American Son (2012): One night, near the end of the South Beach season, my friends and I made plans to attend one of our favorite South Beach haunts for a “foam party,” ... Jeannette told me that if I went out that night, there would be no turning back... I went out anyway. Then, Rubio wants us to believe, there followed some remorse and redemption blah blah blah.

That picture above is very sanitised from what actually happens in foam parties, or at least happened in them during 1995. (That 1995 Miami New Times article Foam Sex does, indeed, exist. Still.) And Rubio isn't being pointed out as in the party of the picture, which looks to me like a hipster (read: faux) foam party at a 2012 Spring Break. Hmm.

I can see swingers going to swingers bars in Houston. I can see sado-masochists going to "People Exchanging Power" events in Houston. I can see goths going to #Numbers in Houston. I can see attendees at foam parties in Houston... well, I can see them in Montrose in Houston. NTTIATWWT.

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