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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Allow me to quote Mary Renault (1969) by way of one of Jerry Pournelle's There Will Be War anthologies (the third, I think):

The rebel half-brothers died by the Companions' spears. Soon the chain-gangs of slaves were going down through Greece, driven by the dealers, or men whose usefulness had deserved a gift. Cities which had seen, time out of mind, their heavy work done by Thracians or Ethiops or broad-cheeked Scythians, gazed in outrage at Greek men bearing burdens under the lash, Greek girls sold to the brothels in the open market. Demosthenes' voice rallied all decent men to stand against the barbarian. The boys of Macedon saw the hopeless convoys pass, the children wailing in the dust as they trudged at their mothers' skirts. It brought the millennial message. This is defeat: avoid it.

To deliver some expertise on the topic, here is National Review again. This article's original title likely read something like Vladimir Putin's Syria Strategy ... Slaughter; it bears a different one now, but the original is still visible in the URL and in the rhetoric that follows.

I am hardly saying anything new when I point out that those other forces in Syria also engage in slaughter. Nusra and ISIS differ mainly on which amir gets to be in charge and on how to address him in public. To attack Putin's methods is to take the side of his enemies - the side of Nusra.

A decade back when I was reading up on Redemption in the American Southeast I noticed the same lachrymose genre there. In several post-civil war engagements under Union occupation, homegrown white Redeemer (or, Conservative, as they called themselves at the time; racist, if you're a SJW; KKK, in places; Democrat, if you're a modern conservakin hack like those at NR) irregulars hit the Lincoln League where the Union troops weren't; the white side won. Colfax was one of the more noted such engagements or, at least, that was the one I read about. The bodycount trended high among the pro-equality ranks; low among the pro-order ranks. The modern Left and the guilt-tripped Right like to call these events "massacres".

They weren't. This was defeat. And if National Review wants to play Demosthenes, more defeat will be stored up for National Review.

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