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Friday, February 12, 2016

Don't trust books on Islam from White Cloud Press

Raymond Farrin considered dishonest.

This isn't White Cloud's first dabble into Islamic apologetic. Michael Sells had published Approaching the Qur'an by that sabab. I recall an imbroglio in 2002, the next school year after 2001, when Sells' book became mandatory reading; that one was revealed as heavily-edited entryism. Sells defended his effort, but apparently not well.

White Cloud's manager declares his outfit to be based on "spirituality". In my experience most "spiritual" types define this against mainline Christianity and are rarely so picky about what they'd replace it with. (I have had better luck with atheists, like Prometheus.)

PS. I notice from PBS at the time that the scholar Carl Ernst had also involved himself in Approaching the Qur'an. More recently he has aided in Farrin's unctuous paffle. Another Farrin enabler was Newby but I expect no better from him. UPDATE 4/2/16 - shouldn't have expected better from Ernst either. The man is bent.

PPS. Farrin's day job is to teach in a Gulf petrostate. There is no scholarship to be had from Kuwait, just as there is none to be had from the UAE. (From Tunisia, I'd consider it.) Ideally publishers in the West would have enough sense and asabiya that they would stick Farrin with us self-published and internet-published kooks as long as he is so compromised. But then, maybe that's already happening. He did, after all, publish through White Cloud, which ain't exactly SUNY Press or Cambridge.

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