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Tuesday, January 05, 2016


I was considering supprimé in Paul Casanova's opening movement.

This verb supprimer dwelleth in the semantic field of removal. Google Translate offers: remove, suppress, and cancel. In context, Casanova is here keeping himself to the Qur'anic text, as far as he is able; and, of the verses having been supprimés, these are "evidently" so. The evidence submitted to the court thus far is all internal; whatever is doing supprimer must, therefore, be Qur'anic as well.

A verse that has been bodily removed by definition isn't even in the text. If such does (not) exist, this nonexistence should, I think, be shown as such in advance. Casanova's opening paragraph (with footnotes) has not yet introduced an example of verse-deletion. Ibn Warraq must have reasoned la même chose himself, and he also had in mind the (later) exegetical genre of nasikh wa mansukh. So when he translated this word he went with "suppressed"; the winner verse abrogating the loser.

But: to suppress still seems to ask too much of the text. As a text, the Qur'an is not a programmer; it is software.

So I will go with "cancel".

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