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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Maybe Abrams had no choice

Abrams, therefore, was right - for economics' sake - to introduce some affirmative-action into his movie. So maybe Abrams isn't the bad guy after all. Maybe he's just a lazy greedy coward.

If I know Abrams' type, and I think I might, Abrams would also resent being micromanaged on the boxes he had to tick. So when he was told, "cast a negro as your male protagonist" (in those exact words, I imagine)... he wrote up a deserter. Who's going to die. We've all seen Bamboozled right?

If you're black and reading this blog, all I can say is - I'm not writing these scripts or casting these patsies. I've been played same as you. I did, at least, take the pledge not to watch Abrams' movie. I'd advise the same for you.

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